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The healthy way to lose weight

Almost everybody would like to lose a few kilos, but losing weight and staying slim are not always easy. Once the fat has settled, difficult diets or strenuous exercise are often the only way to get the weight off. That takes a lot of discipline and persistence, and unfortunately doesn’t always lead to success. What’s more, one particular problem often arises from weight loss: The excess fat disappears from all parts of the body except the actual problem areas.

Yet there is another way: With slim & more, you can lose weight the natural way, whereby your problem areas are of course taken into account. For us, your individual aims are hugely important, and we take your concerns and requests very seriously. With our treatments, you can shed excess fat cells in no time. Various treatment methods make weight loss easy, while our competent consultants help you to achieve the figure you want and to stay slim. We will also be happy to advise you on the topic of healthy eating.

Tackle cellulite successfully – tighten up connective tissue

suffer from this weakness in connective tissue at any age. The so-called “orange-peel” look results from fat deposits in the connective tissue, which make the skin appear slack and spongy. Problems in the lipid metabolism can make these deposits even worse.

Conventional diets and weight loss often fail to resolve the problem. Even with significant weight loss, the skin often remains slack, which can mean that choosing summer clothes in particular becomes quite an ordeal. Our special treatments offer targeted therapy for cellulite with gentle, natural applications that loosen fat cells and tighten the skin at the same time.

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