Calorie table for drinks

Drink yourself beautiful! It is well-known that drinking a lot helps you to look good. Even small children are often encouraged to drink enough so their bodies are supported optimally in their daily activities.

What is often forgotten here is that some drinks are full of calories, so really you should only drink a lot of certain drinks such as water or individual varieties of tea, since these drinks are calorie-free. A current trend involves a weight-loss drink that promises to help you achieve a flat stomach. We have tried it out for you and it works!

You need a medium-sized, peeled cucumber, a thumb-sized piece of ginger and one organic lemon, which you slice into wafer-thin pieces. Put these together with a handful of mint leaves and two litres of still water in a large jug. Let the diet drink cool overnight, then consume over three days – one glass for each mealtime. It tastes good and works wonders!

Furthermore, we have compiled a table of calories for drinks to offer you guidance. Here you can see an overview of calorie-free drinks (CH = carbohydrate)

Buttermilk 200 ml 8 KH 1 g Fett 74 kcal
Whole Milk 200 ml 10 KH 7 g Fett 128 kcal
Cherry Juice 200 ml 20 KH 0 g Fett 82 kcal
Pineapple Juice 200 ml 24 KH + Fett 100 kcal
Apple Juice 200 ml 22 KH 0 g Fett 92 kcal
Pear Juice 200 ml 24 KH 0 g Fett 94 kcal
Peach Juice 200 ml 19 KH + Fett 86 kcal
Grape Juice 200 ml 31 KH + Fett 140 kcal
Chai latte 340 ml 33 KH 3 g Fett 180 kcal
Fruit tea 200 ml + KH 0 g Fett 2 kcal
Black tea 200 ml 0 KH 0 g Fett 0 kcal
Cappuccino 250 ml 10 KH 4 g Fett 84 kcal
Iced coffee 250 ml 13 KH 44 g Fett 458 kcal
Black coffee 200 ml 0 KH 0 g Fett 4 kcal
Latte macchiato 250 ml 22 KH 4 g Fett 148 kcal
White coffee 200 ml 5 KH 3 g Fett 66 kcal
Coca Cola 200 ml 20.4 KH 0 g Fett 82 kcal
Fanta 200 ml 20.4 KH 0 g Fett 82 kcal
Eistee 200 ml 14.0 KH 0.2 g Fett 80 kcal

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