Weight loss at 50 and over

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Free consultation

Successful weight loss for those aged 50 plus

Losing weight after reaching 50 is very difficult. The older you get, the more difficult it is to reach your target weight. Many men and women aged 50 or more notice that they are continually gaining weight – even without changing their eating habits. This is frustrating, of course, and these individuals will often search desperately for reasons for this “phenomenon”. The weight gain is primarily linked to the fact that as the body ages, it needs less energy, and on top of that people are often less active than in their younger years or don’t do as much exercise. Losing weight is therefore even more difficult as you get older. Since the fat cells have often accumulated, hardened and amalgamated over years, it is very difficult to make an impact just with diet and exercise. It’s therefore worthwhile considering other solutions designed especially for weight loss for those aged 50 and over

Specially developed for weight loss at 50 plus

slim & more has developed methods for weight loss at 50 plus with precisely these problems in mind. The various different treatments are able to destroy the particularly stubborn, hardened fat cells, so our methods are perfect for those aged 50 and over who want to lose weight, be it men or women

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