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Get back to your target weight – weight loss during menopause

The menopause… Although each woman experiences this time in her life individually and differently, many find they gain weight during this phase. The shift in hormones often inevitably leads to weight gain during menopause. Many women can’t understand why they are suddenly continually gaining weight despite not changing their routine or their eating patterns. Even women who exercise a lot have to deal with this problem, and there’s a simple reason for it: During the menopause, the body expends fewer calories for the same amount of activity, which automatically leads to weight gain. That means that weight loss is much more difficult.

During the menopause, women often gain weight around the belly in particular, but these stubborn fat pockets frequently refuse to disappear even with more exercise and improvements in diet. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to lose weight during menopause, but you need not simply resign yourself to it: Our natural treatments will help you to achieve the figure you want.

Natural treatments – lose weight the easy way during menopause

slim & more has developed treatment methods precisely tailored to weight loss during menopause. Our treatment methods are purposely oriented towards loosening stubborn fat cells, removing them and carrying them away, so it’s possible to reduce even the belly fat typically accumulated during menopause. Other problem areas can also be brought “under control”, of course, be it the upper thighs, the upper arms or the buttocks.

Ultimately, the treatment best suited to you as an individual is determined by means of a free figure analysis and an initial consultation. We will also be happy to answer any further questions as part of this process.

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