Weight loss for men

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Weight loss for men: the simple and natural way to lose belly fat

For the male body too, we have a tailored offering. Men tend to accumulate fat around the belly most frequently. A man’s protruding belly may often be hurtfully referred to as a “beer belly”, but most men, like women, want to achieve a slim, athletic figure. Often, exercise or various diets fail to bring about a reduction in men’s belly fat, hence many are asking the question: How can I lose weight? Excess weight not only leads to unsightly fat deposits, but also to health problems. High blood pressure and even heart attacks are frequently associated with excess weight. The good news is that there are specific programmes with massages and treatments that make it possible to reduce belly fat, decrease volume and thus to look fit and healthy.

Successful methods – the way for men to reduce belly fat

The fat mobilisation system (FMS) from slim & more is one of the most successful and reliable methods for targeted weight loss worldwide and is perfectly suited to weight loss for men. The idea is as simple as it is logical:

  • Body temperature in the problem areas is reduced by one or two degrees by means of a wrap treatment.

  • The body automatically heats up these zones – precisely where you need it to.

  • This enables you to lose unwanted belly fat.

FMS is therefore a natural fat reduction programme with which you can sculpt your body as you wish without diets that make you hungry, sport, slimming pills or surgical interventions. That way, you can reduce your belly fat efficiently.

The wrap treatments are supplemented with other supporting treatments based on your objective. Naturally these can also be individually combined.

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