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Why does cellulite develop?

Weakness in connective tissue causes cellulite.

According to statistics, the majority of women have trouble with cellulite. Generally, the orange-peel skin develops on the upper thighs, the buttocks, the hips and the upper arms. The older you get, the more noticeable the unevenness becomes. Regardless of whether you have mild or severe cellulite, you probably feel unhappy with it one way or another. The causes can include weakness in women’s connective tissue, reduced circulation in the female blood and lymph vessels, poor dietary choices and a lack of exercise. A lack of exercise is fatal, but it is by no means the only cause of the orange-peel effect.

The simple and natural way to lose cellulite

No one likes it, but almost everyone has it: The infamous cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin, is an unevenness and lack of tone in the skin of problem areas. Weakness in the connective tissue leads to many women feeling literally uncomfortable in their own skin. In summer in particular, cellulite becomes a problem for many people, since it can no longer be hidden under clothes.

In the history of human development, it was previously a very good thing to store fat deposits during times of plenty, which the body could draw on at a later date. A poor diet and too little exercise, however, can mean these fat deposits lead to unsightly fat pockets that are hard to get rid of with conventional methods. Conventional diets often have a limited effect here, and subsequent exercise can only help to a limited extent.

The accumulation of fat cells is not only unsightly, however, but can also lead to painful inflammation over the long term if the tissue is not supplied with enough oxygen. It’s therefore important to monitor problem areas like the upper thighs and upper arms regularly.

Banish cellulite entirely without chemicals

Monitor cellulite carefully and treat it where necessary. With slim & more, the problem areas are cleansed with special combinations of traditional herbal wraps and heat treatments, endermologie treatments and other treatment methods. These can of course be

combined individually, so that the fat cells can be loosened, the tissue tightened and the look of the skin notably improved. The natural treatment methods for this are very gentle and soothing and help with relaxation in general.

You can find more information on the individual treatment methods here:

  • Compression treatments
  • Machine treatments
  • Manual treatments

No more loose skin. Now you can tighten up skin easily and naturally

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