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Tightening skin

No more sagging skin. Now tighten the skin simply and naturally

Tighten the skin: a goal that (primarily) numerous women of all ages are pursuing. Sagging skin can have many causes. A weak connective tissue is often responsible for this. This occurs when you lose a lot of weight in a short time, for example after a pregnancy or on a diet. This, of course, enormously reduces the joy of weight loss. In addition, too little exercise and exercise can be the cause of weak connective tissue and thus sagging skin. Personal disposition and skin type can also play a role here. Sagging skin occurs in various problem areas, such as on the abdomen, upper arms or thighs.

Proven treatments to tighten the skin sustainably

The 100% natural treatments from slim & more are ideally suited to tighten the skin in problem areas sustainably and without chemicals. Our methods are particularly gentle and gentle, without losing any of their effectiveness. For example, the modern BRT bodyforming treatment: A high-precision technique for stimulating connective tissue and subcutaneous fat cells. Annoying fat deposits are broken down, the lymphatic system is activated and the tissue is stimulated and strengthened. The skin regains its elasticity and is tightened evenly. So you will immediately feel more comfortable and maybe consider getting some summer clothes out of the closet again! After just a few treatments, you can look forward to the first successes – as a competent and experienced team, we are at your side to advise you.

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