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Lose weight naturally with manual treatments and fight cellulite

Slim & more offers the following manual treatments:

  • ACT (Anti-Cellulite Massage)

Get rid of the orange peel! With this special massage we stimulate the blood circulation in the problem areas. Thus we decongest the tissue and mobilize glued fat cells. This significantly reduces the unsightly cellulite dents and, of course, they can lose weight.

  • SRM (slimming and relaxing massage)

Slim and relaxed in no time. By combining skin cleansing, peeling, massage and firming serum, you treat your body to a real pampering program. In addition, your problem areas are treated and reduced with the massage.

  • LTT (Activating fat metabolism and detoxification)

Let’s let the fat melt. Thanks to the active ingredients of the seaweed, your volume decreases after just one treatment. The combination of massage and warmth has an enormous volume-reducing effect on the fat and connective tissue, the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

  • HMT (Loosening the fat cells by ultrasound and massage)

Bye, bye stubborn fat pads. The combination of ultrasound and massage activates the sluggish fat metabolism in the problem areas and the bonded fat cells are loosened by the massage. The final collagen mask tightens and firms the tissue.

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